Q: Why use Sarawakian.net?
A: We know that it’s quite hard to think of where to go for lunch or dinner. This is a guide for you to decide where to go. You do not need to squeeze your brain to think about it, just browse through this site and you can make your decision.

Q: How much if I want you to write full review?
A:  check out the rate.

Q: How are you going to review us?
A: We are not food expert but we love to eat. We will judge your food based on our taste. It might not be authentic but as long that we like it, you can get a good review from us. If there’s nothing special to rave about but the food can still be eaten without much problem, you will get a neutral review. If it’s BAD, really BAD… We just hope that you can improve, good luck to you and we will just give a brief descriptions about your food outlet just like any other posts.

Q: If I want to advertise here, what should I do?
A: Please provide your contact information and a brief snapshot of your company or service. We will contact you for further details.

Q: How to partner with Sarawakian.net?
A: Please provide your contact information and a brief us with your ideas about partnership in your mind.

Q: But… Your English is bad!
A: Well… We are not English expert. We do not claim we will write in proper English.

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