Mar 16

Hello everybody!

I’m sure you notice something when you come over for a visit. If you don’t, then look at the right upper corner of this site.

See the blue box there? You can earn points and redeem great and cool prizes when you collect enough points from all the hotspots of Y! Point. Just answer the question related to that particular hotspot and when you got them correct, you will be able to collect points. If you got them wrong, it’s all right, you can always try again.

Have fun answering the questions and have fun visitng all the hotspots! 🙂 You don’t have to have a lot of computer memory to surf the site also.

Mar 10

We are proud to announce that we are now a Y! Point Hotspot. What is this?

For the time being, what we can can tell you is that you will benefit from it, you will be able to earn points by participating in various programs that will be introduced in coming future. Be sure to register yourself to be part of this great community project that is brought to you by

We will provide you with more details when we got hold of more information and also update you on new programs that are coming up from time to time. Visit to get yourselves register now! It’s free! Don’t worry.