Mar 30

Idealite - Malaysia 1st Wholesome Dining Place

Malaysia’s First Wholesome Dining Place was started in year 2011 by Mr. Tan Yong Jen and 5 of his associates who are recognied by Malaysia Homeopathy Medical Council as a registered Homeopath Therapist and Nutritionist that is registered under the FCPAA Malaysia.

They strongly believe that one should be selective in making choices when dining out in order to take responsibility of their health. Tan and his associates decided to develop a restaurant which emphasize on educating their clients. Without a strong financial background, they started the restaurant business at a corner of their house in Penang Island, serving healthy food. The respond towards this holistic educational approach was so favorable that prompted them to set-up and relocate their corner outlet to a decent site and set up the first IDEALITE restaurant at Jalan Gottlieb, Penang.

Idealite - Malaysia 1st Wholesome Dining Place

To promote a healthy and happy lifestyle through Shu-Food

To use only the best natural ingredients that are safe to consume in creating a delicious and nutritionally balanced diet.

Idealite - Malaysia 1st Wholesome Dining Place

No Synthetic Coloring
No Preservative
No Canned Food
No Dairy Products
No Vegetarian Gluten-Meat

Idealite - Malaysia 1st Wholesome Dining Place

Soy Milk Steamboat @ RM23.90/-

Idealite - Malaysia 1st Wholesome Dining Place

Idealite - Malaysia 1st Wholesome Dining Place

Provence Tempura Mushroom @ RM11.90/-

品味舒食 Idealite – Malaysia 1st Wholesome Dining Place
Address: Lot 2667, Block 10 KCLD, No. 206, Twin Tower Centre, Jalan Rock, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak.
Tel: +6018-941 7138 / +6082-243 948

Oct 22

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe is a Vegetarian restaurant located at Jalan Rock, Kuching.

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe

Nice Menu. All Vegetarian….

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe

Bitter Gourd in Black Bean Sauce with Curd Clams.

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe

Sweet and Spicy Thai Sauce Tofu.

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe

Signature Yam Basket.

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe

Margharita Pizza.

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe

Stir Fry Organic Asparagus.

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe (Sarawak)
Address: Ground Floor, Lot 2676 & 2677, Block 10, Kuching Central Land District.
Tel: 016-889 4240

Aug 05

Here… Some photos to share with you for the Kuching Festival Food Fair.

Date: 31st July – 22nd August
Time: 6pm – 11pm
Place: Dewan Masyarakat

The entrance. Just going to show you the surrounding, food will come in coming post(s) because I’m still collecting them.

As usual, you can always find the same old stalls every year without fail.

There are also news ones. It seems like there’s more stalls this year compare to the past.

More stalls…

Was caught with surprise when I smelt durian smell. You got to be kidding me! Sell durian in food fair?!?! WOW! I hope the tourists won’t be shooed away by it. Anyway, there’s many people lining up to buy the food there. Seems like it’s quite a hit.

Various associations were given the chance to sell there too. You can find food from various races/dialects there.

Another section of the food far.

This stall has the most “advanced” banner.

Food photos will come soon, maybe in the coming post.

Jun 13

Ever heard of Donushi by Big Apple Donuts & Coffee?

Sounds interesting right? Bought a box few days back to try. This is the box for 28 Donushi, RM28. If you want smaller box, then it’s RM23 for 18 Donushi.

DONASHI™, donuts dressed like sushi, with new and out of this world flavours. Every piece is cream filled wall to wall for that rich and delighting experience everyone deserves.

These extremely sushi-licious donuts will be available tomorrow at all Big Apple Donuts & Coffee outlets nationwide! East Malaysia fans please be patient as you can only get your hands on them on 11th June 2010.

Important: No animals or fish were used or harmed in the production of the DONASHI™. The makers of this confectionery affirm that the product is suitable for Vegetarians.

We tried 13 types but you can only see 10 here because we didn’t take the photos of the other Donushi and some were too ugly because we accidentally tilted the box in the car and they were a mess!

DO-TAKUWAN, feel the passion of Papaya.

DO-IKURA, Orange pellet gels juggling for attention.

DO-NARUTO, enhanced with Strawberry Chocolate maze.

DO-FUTOMAKI, Kiwi fruit filing, Strawberry and Vanilla battle for supremacy as Orange bits take centre stage.

DO-KAPPA, Kiwi with subtle Chocolate.

DO-IKABURI, coconut Vanilla with Chocolate lacings.

DO-TAI NIGIRI, the all Vanilla favourite with Coconut and Orange bits.

DO-TAMAGO, Purely Mango with a dab of Chocolate.

DO-TAKO, a fill of Vanilla, a thrill of Strawberry, a spill of chocolate.

DO-SAKE, strawberry complemented by lacings of Coconut delight.

Very interesting don’t you think so? If I’m not mistaken you can’t buy it at night, only until 7pm and it’s on first come first serve basis.

Jan 26

Looking for vegetarian food that is fast and quick? You can find it at Food Asia. It’s located at Padungan, same row as Air Asia office and Bus Asia ticketing office.

Even the box is special. In case you don’t understand what it’s written, this is the rough interpretation:

When no money, wife is also the secretary,
When have money, secretary is also the wife,
When poor, cows and goats are companions,
When rich, cows and goats are to be eaten with rice,
One meal of vegetarian food, kill less living things,
Long term vegetarian eater, ensures living a longer and better life.

Bought their Vegetarian Fried Bee with tofu skin that cost RM2.97

You can find out more at Food Asia, they do not cater for dine-in though. You can make your order and get them to send them right to your doorstep.