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Idealite 品味舒食

Malaysia’s First Wholesome Dining Place was started in year 2011 by Mr. Tan Yong Jen and 5 of his associates who are recognied by Malaysia Homeopathy Medical Council as a registered Homeopath Therapist and Nutritionist that is registered under the FCPAA Malaysia. They strongly believe that one should be selective in making choices when dining

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe

Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe is a Vegetarian restaurant located at Jalan Rock, Kuching. Nice Menu. All Vegetarian…. Bitter Gourd in Black Bean Sauce with Curd Clams. Sweet and Spicy Thai Sauce Tofu. Signature Yam Basket. Margharita Pizza. Stir Fry Organic Asparagus. Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe (Sarawak) Address: Ground Floor, Lot 2676 & 2677,

Kuching Festival 2010 – Part 1

Here… Some photos to share with you for the Kuching Festival Food Fair. Date: 31st July – 22nd August Time: 6pm – 11pm Place: Dewan Masyarakat The entrance. Just going to show you the surrounding, food will come in coming post(s) because I’m still collecting them. As usual, you can always find the same old

Donushi by Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

Ever heard of Donushi by Big Apple Donuts & Coffee? Sounds interesting right? Bought a box few days back to try. This is the box for 28 Donushi, RM28. If you want smaller box, then it’s RM23 for 18 Donushi. DONASHI™, donuts dressed like sushi, with new and out of this world flavours. Every piece


Looking for vegetarian food that is fast and quick? You can find it at Food Asia. It’s located at Padungan, same row as Air Asia office and Bus Asia ticketing office. Even the box is special. In case you don’t understand what it’s written, this is the rough interpretation: When no money, wife is also