Sep 22

The Awet (pronounced as ar•whet) Thai restaurant chain is one of Malaysia’s most exciting restaurants serving outstanding Thai delicacies at great value.

Awet Thai

A-Wet Thai Seafood located at No.23, Lot 1621 Off Penrissen Road which is just nearby Boulevard Shopping Mall.

Awet Thai

This restaurant serve more than 7 different style of dishes for its prawn, crabs, chicken and vegetable menus.

Awet Thai

All of the foods served are pork free.

Awet Thai

Tomyam Prawn (Regular) @ RM30/-

Awet Thai

Ya Mong Mong @ RM12/-

Awet Thai

Singha Beer.

Singha (Thai: สิงห์, correctly pronounced sing, but typically pronounced by foreigners as sing-ha, reflecting the Latin spelling) is a 5% alcohol-by-volume (abv) pale lager produced by Boon Rawd Brewery. It is also available in 5% abv draught version as Singha Lager Draft, and the 3.5% abv Singha Light introduced in 2006.

Source from: Wikipedia

Business Hours:
11.30AM – 3:00PM / 5:00PM – 11.30PM

Awet Thai Garden Kuching
Address: No. 23, Lot 1621, Blk 218, KNLD, Kedai Preindustrial Batu 4, Jalan Penrissen, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak.
Tel: +6082-450 813
Facebook: Awet Thai Restaurant

Aug 08

The breaking of fast is a time when one enjoys a meal after a day abstaining from food & drink. In this month of Ramadan, breaking of fast or as known locally; ‘bersungkei’ sees families congregating to enjoy the meal together.

While you source for the next destination for breaking or simply just to enjoy the buffet dinner tailored for Ramadan, why not five Sungkei Ria a shot? Held every evening at Blue Lagoon, this Ramadan buffet dinner offers not just great varieties of food at over 100 selections but also an unparalleled ambience as it overlooked the magnificent city and river view of Kuching, graced by wisps of evening breeze. Along the terrace, buffet lines traced the walls of Blue Lagoon where the hotel chefs are also ready to cook up their specialty ala minute delights.

This year’s Sungei Ria features, among many others, authentic Indian food. According to Executive Sous Chef Partick Chew, an invited chef who specialized in Indian delicacies will be helming the Authentic India Food Station every night, reay to fulfill your orders. Diners can also look forward to unlimited sushi, maki and sashimi from the hotel’s trademark Japanese Buffet. Indulge in the goodness of the Japanese delicacies as you move along the buffet line.

On the buffet line up, Chef Patrick Chew, the Executive Sous Chef mentioned that the wide varieties would cater to the different preferences of each diner. Diners who crave for traditional malay cuisines, he recommends trying the different varieties of kerabu available as well as the choices of ulam-ulam and pickled fruits for starters. Do not miss the chance to try the Sarawak specialty Bubur Pedas and Laksa Sarawak as well. Over at the carving station, Roasted Lamb and Boneless Chicken with Trimming are served daily with potatoes and a selection of vegetables.

Sungkei Ria also feature the Thai food corner where diners will get to enjoy steamboat with the choice of tom yam or chicken broth soup base with 19 different types of dips from beef, squid, and dish fillet to fresh oyster mushroom and tofu. Our Japanese chef, Chef Gu will also be serving up fresh sashimis and different varieties of sushis and makes for Japanese food lovers dining at Sungkei Ria this Ramadhan.

For BBQ lover do not forget to try out the Otak-Otak and the selections of Satay, served hot with spicy peanut sauce. Among other BBQ goods are Beef Rib Eye Steak, Lamb Shoulder, Prawns, Cuttlefish, Mackerel, Chicken Frank and Chicken Kebab. If you prefer a light dinner, head on to the Bubur & Soup corner and help yourself to a bowl of hot Sup Ekor or Sup Tulang. If soup is not fulfilling, then make sure to grab some Tori Canai, Roti Tissue or Murtabak from the Indian Stall. There’s also a variety of traditional dessert such as Kek Lapis Sarawak, Bingka Jagung, Cucur Keria, Pisang Kepok and Sago Gula Melaka apart from the selections of cakes, pastries and fruits available. Two types of buah kurma are provided daily especially for the Ramadhan diners.

Priced at RM79++ per person, the buffet is available daily at the Blue Lagoon from 1st – 29th August 2011. Surau is also provided on the same floor for the convenience of Muslim patrons. For further enquiries or reservations. please call the hotel’s Food & Beverage Department at 082-247 777 ext 4412. Early bookings are advised, to avoid disappointments. All prices are subject to 10% service charge and 6% government tax.

Apart from the glorious buffet spread of Sungkei Ria, Riverside Majestic Hotel is having the ‘Ramadhan Stay In’ room package. Relax and unwind this August with an attractive offer of RM190++ inclusive of 2 days and 1 night accommodation, buffet breakfast for 2 adults and 2 children, and a complimentary signature dish at the River Palace Restaurant. The Ramadan Stay In offer is valid from 30th July till 5th September 2011. For enquiries on Ramadhan Stay In, please call 082-418911.

May 01

Thai food lover might want to check Thai Me Up! which is located at Food Bazaar, tHe Spring.

The special thing about this place is that you can choose your own combination of taste for the food you want to order. That’s something quite unique.

The price range from between RM6.80 – RM7.80

4 steps to make your order.

Tom Yum Seafood Rice (RM 6.80)

Red Curry Seafood Rice (RM 7.80)

Green Curry Seafood Rice (RM 6.80)

Tom yam seafood and rice (RM 6.80)

Sep 20

This year, mid autumn festival happens on 22nd September 2010, a Wednesday. Yet, celebration mood can be felt much earlier and if you’re up to celebrate with your loved ones, let your destination be set at one venue long known for its palatable dishes and delightful choices of food.

Starting from this Sunday, 19th September till 22nd September 2010, Meisan Restaurant, Grand Margherita Hotel will let diners slip back into the wonderful memories of past mid autumn festivals with their array of traditional as well as modern dishes.

Chef Ricky, executive chef for the hotel shares with us some of the items not to be missed when the buffet starts this Sunday.

At the start of the buffet line, appetizers in the likes of Selection of Cold Hors D’oeuvre, Chinese Cold Lobster & Chicken Roll, Cold Lobster with Fragrant Salsa as well as Cold Flower Crab on Ice tops the mouth-watering list. Not a fan of cold entrees? Opt for the Spicy Thai Chicken Feet or Deep Fried Crispy Potato before setting your sights and appetite on the soup counter.

Next stop, the soup counter offers you the tantalizing choice of Shredded Duck Soup with Ginger & Chive the creamy Seafood Veloute with Tomato. The unorthodox later pick would be a delightful surprise to the predictable choices of Chinese cuisine.

At the showmanship station the chefs are on standby, chopping board and all with a wide array of BBQ specialties from their Chef John Lee. Sesame Chicken, Char Siew Chicken, Roasted Crispy Duck and Braised Beef Brisket are among his wonderful creations.

If your food thoughts are at the piping hot notch, the chef at the Yong Tau Foo station would be there to serve you your choice of the Steamed Bean Curd, Stuffed Bean Curd, Deep Fried Fish Ball, Fish Cake Slice, Tang Hoon, Kueh Teow or any combination of the ingredients available. The Chick Koo Teh counter is yet another wonderful choice of hot, cook-as-you-order food if you’re in the mood for some homely dishes. Let the chefs mix the ingredients of chicken, lettuce, deep fried bean curd stick and different types of mushroom into a bowl of Chick Koo The, the Meisan way.

Coming back to the buffet line and arriving at the Hot Station, pleasant surprises await in the form of authentic Chinese recipes combined with creative western dishes. The Fish Slice with King Soya for example sets the ideal choice of tradition-revisited while the Stir Fried La La lets you have the rare opportunity of sampling this local delicacy, fresh and cooked to perfection.

If your westernized palate kicks in, their choice of Pan Seared Lamb Chop and Boiled Pasts with Grilled Chicken Slice & Cheese would be more than satisfying. You would also be tempted to try the Curry Beef with Potato and the Rock Salt Prawn with Spring Onion & Chili at the Hot Station before moving on to the next station.

Nothing says tradition more than porridge yet at Meisan Restaurant; this traditional dish is anything but plain. Available in a choice of red rice, potato, white or peanut porridge, you are your own chef as you choose between the different condiments to add. Fond memories mix well with the available condiments of salted peanut, yu char kueh, century eggs, salted eggs as well as salted vegetables with black beans.

Do not be intimidated if a small queue forms at our Sushi Bar as it is a sign of appreciation for the fresh sushi and sashimi you can handpick or have the chef prepare for you. This break out of tradition seems fitting as Japanese food offers a healthy option for those who are watching their weight or calories count.

Any mid autumn festival is incomplete if there’s no mooncakes so Chef Ricky has that area covered as well. Sample the chef’s pick of mooncakes in different flavours, paired best with the company of your loved ones. But the desserts train does not stop there. Allow yourself to be tantalized by the aroma and unique flavours of their Durian Pancake and the Mango & Pomelo with Coconut Cream dessert. Then sink your teeth into Sweetened Sweet Potato & Yam or the Deep Fried Sesame Ball. Fresh seasonal fruits add a beautiful closure to the scrumptious celebration dinner.

While we may not be able to pinpoint the rightful beginning of the mid autumn festival, what matters today and hopefully in future is the joy of having celebrated the festival with people that matters most to us. Let this mid autumn festival be the time where you can once again share a joyous moment with your loved ones.

Seats are being grabbed fast so pick up the phone and call the hotel’s F&B department at 082-423 111 ext 1109/1158. The buffet is priced at RM79++.

Aug 16

Biggest Buffet Dinner is back in Town!

Happening for the first time since the recent hotel renovation patrons have a choice of dining at the refreshed Orchid Garden Coffee House or enjoy the scenic view of the Sarawak River from the pool side. The coffee house is tastefully decorated with its floor-to-ceiling glass walls and vibrant coloured interior.

The Original Macam – Macam Ada Buffet Dinner by Grand Margherita Hotel is back again this time with even more to offer. Widely regarded as the biggest buffet in town, patrons will be treated to a wide offering of Chinese, Indian, Western, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian and 1Malaysia favourite dishes.

With over 188 flavouful dishes served daily throughout the month of Ramadhan, this buffet dinner also features carvery delights from the Middle East, live cooking stations and authentic Penang hawker specialty such as Char Kueh Tiaw, Asam Laksa and Hokkien Prawn Mee served fresh and hot by chefs flown in from Penang itself.

Start off on a memorable culinary experience with the chef’s selection of appetizing Chinese Cold Cut and also the ever popular red dates which has become an important part of the breaking fast ritual. Do not miss out on the Ramadhan specialties such as the Gurame Goreng Sans Cabek, Opor Ayam Kluwak, Ayam Bumbu Ketumbar and Pepes Ikan Mas from Indonesia as well as cuisines from the Middle East namely the Dajaj Lafat, and Kofta Bil- Tahina.

Also available is the Indian food selection featuring Biryani Rice with Condiments, Thandoori Murg, Roti Naan and also Potato Samosa, Wok Fried Mix Vegetables, Changkok Manis Masak Lemak dan Labu and Tumis Sayuran for vegetarian diners. For those with a sweet tooth, indulge in the seemingly endless dessert list of Soft Ice Cream, Kuih Nyonya, International Pastries, Sago Gula Melaka and our popular local dessert Bubur Cendol Sungai Bedil to name a few.

In the heart of the coffee house lies the island styled show kitchen where interaction between diners and chef is very much encouraged.

The Original Macam – Macam Ada Buffet Dinner is a month long promotion happening from 11th August to 9th September 2010, RM79++/person.

A popular choice for diners, seats are being snatched up quickly and so to avoid disappointment, early reservations should be made at 082-423111 ext 1109 / 1158.

Aug 05

Here… Some photos to share with you for the Kuching Festival Food Fair.

Date: 31st July – 22nd August
Time: 6pm – 11pm
Place: Dewan Masyarakat

The entrance. Just going to show you the surrounding, food will come in coming post(s) because I’m still collecting them.

As usual, you can always find the same old stalls every year without fail.

There are also news ones. It seems like there’s more stalls this year compare to the past.

More stalls…

Was caught with surprise when I smelt durian smell. You got to be kidding me! Sell durian in food fair?!?! WOW! I hope the tourists won’t be shooed away by it. Anyway, there’s many people lining up to buy the food there. Seems like it’s quite a hit.

Various associations were given the chance to sell there too. You can find food from various races/dialects there.

Another section of the food far.

This stall has the most “advanced” banner.

Food photos will come soon, maybe in the coming post.

May 22

Asian Recipe Cafe is located at Premier 101. They serve fusion of famous Asian cuisine with great selection of dishes from all parts of Asia, such as Thailand, Vietname, Japan, and local delights.

Pineapple and watermelon juice.

Sorry that I can’t remember the name of the dishes as the menu was taken away and I got no chance to remember the exact names and prices.

You can use True Card to get 10% discount if you spend at least RM50. You can also order their TrueCard Set Meal at RM9.99.

You can also get 10% discount when you spend RM50 and above with coupon in My Privilege Book.

Contact details:
Address: Sublot 13, Premier 101, Jalan Tun Jugah, 93350 Kuching.
Tel. No.: 016 – 886 2265

Operating hours:
10am-9.30pm, daily
Tuesday, off

Aug 26

The Original CarWash Restaurant located at Rubber Road. Just opposite of ING office. Before you reach there, you can see Satay House on your right, then Singapore Chicken Rice on your left. It’s just further up and you will see it.

Very different atmosphere. You can get your car wash there at dine at the same time. Kill two birds with one stone. However, the car wash is more expensive that the normal one you get in the market because of the technology used.

The place looked very high class and the enviroment is really great.

You can opt to dine outside if you like to smoke and dine.

The inside of the restaurant. The interior decor is very interesting.

I’m sure it’s a great place to have a romantic or relaxing quiet dinner with your loved ones.

The lighting is not too dark and not too bright. It’s very comfortable and soothing.

The menu.

Very simple design. In fact you can download it from their website,

Drink available: Dragonfruit Juice (RM6.50), Berries Thicks (RM5), P. Butter Chocolate (RM5), Orange Juice (RM5.50).

The menu is done by the founders of Bla Bla Blah, The Junk and The Living Room. Food portion is big and great for sharing.

Tom Yam Goong Soup (RM18) can share with 5-6 persons.

Tom Kha Gai Soup (RM12) can share with 5-6 persons.

Both soups are spicy if you can’t tolerate spicy food.

Lamb Chop (RM25)

Chicken Chop (RM20)

:: Fettuccini Carbonara (RM23)

Par Ped Ka Min (RM18), stir fried fish with turmric, thai style that comes with a plate of rice and veggies.

Par Mek Pat Pong Ka Le(RM18), stir fried squid with curry sos that comes with a plate of rice and veggies.

Lots of food to eat but if you have acne, you might want to control on consuming some food else if it gets worst you will have to find treatments for acne.

The food we ordered, a bit too much for 5 persons. Total bill was RM159.50.

You can see many antiques outside the restaurant.

A Ferrari 355 GTS is also there on display.

The Original CarWash Restaurant
Address:Lot 211-214, Jalan Rubber, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak

Dec 08

Another restaurant of Lok Thian Group. This is the first Thai restaurant in Kuching established more than a decade ago. They have extend their menu to accomodate Vietnamese cuisine too.

Here are some food and beverages that Bangkok Thai Seafood Restaurant offers:

5. “Siao Bai Chai” fried with garlic.

6. Pineapple rice.

7. Vietnamese Sour & Spicy Chicken.

8. Tom Yam Kung.

9. Vietnamese Spring Rolls

10. Basket of “leaves” to be eaten with (7)

11. Deep fried Tilapia with Thai toppings.

12. Watermelon, orange, carrot juice.

Address: No.318-319, Ground Floor, Bangunan Bee San, Jalan Padungan, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak.
Tel No:
082-335042, 331310

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