May 28

Let’s take a break from all the food posts. I’m sure many of you like to cook and always look for recipes on the Internet. I found this very interesting website called Supercook Intelligent Recipe Search Engine.

It’s very frustrating when you can’t figure out what to cook with the limited ingredients you have at home. Especially when you are lazy to go out to buy the extra items that you need or you just don’t want to cook the same thing over and over again. This website is extremely useful. is an intelligent recipe serach engine. Just key in the ingredients you have at home and it will provide you with the recipes that are using the ingredients that you have without needing things that you don’t have. Then you can make something different from your usual cooking with whatever you have in the kitchen.

You will make sure all those leftover ingredients won’t end up in the rubbish bin because you can’t find a way to cook them and left them rot.

I’m sure you can also find recipes that have ingredients for your diet if you are one of those wanting to reduce weight without using Fentraphen.

I highly recommended this site.

May 15

If you like to visit this blog, I’m sure you will like to visit other food blogs as well. So let me introduce this yummilicious food blog to you called DayRecipe. As the name suggested it, you get new recipe everyday!

All of us are easily bored with the same food everyday. Therefore it’s a must to have something different or new on the table. New and appetizing food will surely make the little ones and even the big ones like us excited. If you have no idea what you want to cook today, you can go to DayRecipe and find the food that you want to cook. You don’t have to worry there is nothing you want in there. They are so many of them! Pictures provided are also very appetising. Yummy, yummy, yum… I’m sure you loved ones will be surprise with the new food on the table.

Besides preparing everyday food, sometimes you need to prepare food for party or gathering with friends or family or even potluck. You can always count on DayRecipe to give you ideas on what to cook to make your guest happy and full.

Their recipes are grouped based on ingredients used. So it’s easy to find recipe this way. Have chicken and don’t know what to do to it? Just click on the chicken tag and you will get list of recipes that used chicken as their main or side ingredients.

I’m sure you will drool as much as I do when I’m in there. I just had my lunch and I’m hungry now after going through the blog. I really recommend this site for you.

One more note, make sure you don’t wet your keyboard ok? They are not responsible for your damaged keyboard for sure. Hahaha… Hope you enjoy your stay there.

Nov 08

Looking for the sweetest cookie recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth? Visit and find your favorite sugar cookie recipe or chocolate chip cookie recipe to try or add to your recipe collection.

Christmas is coming soon so you may wish to check out the Christmas cookie recipes section as well.

Have fun baking!