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The Original Macam – Macam Ada Buffet Dinner by Grand Margherita Hotel

Biggest Buffet Dinner is back in Town! Happening for the first time since the recent hotel renovation patrons have a choice of dining at the refreshed Orchid Garden Coffee House or enjoy the scenic view of the Sarawak River from the pool side. The coffee house is tastefully decorated with its floor-to-ceiling glass walls and

Kuching Festival 2010 – Part 1

Here… Some photos to share with you for the Kuching Festival Food Fair. Date: 31st July – 22nd August Time: 6pm – 11pm Place: Dewan Masyarakat The entrance. Just going to show you the surrounding, food will come in coming post(s) because I’m still collecting them. As usual, you can always find the same old

Mother’s Recipe Lunch Set

If you are always busy with work, no time to go home for lunch or dinner or not staying with your family. I’m sure you miss your mother’s cooking or home cook food so much. You can have them at Mother’s Recipe. I don’t think you can find in any place in Kuching that serve home cook food,


Located at Tabuan Laru same row as AmBank. You can eaisly spot it with the red signboard. They specialised in nyonya cuisine. Portion is quite small and the price a bit too high. The exterior The interior The menu Kai Lan (RM6) Pork Leg with Mushroom (RM6) Thick Nyonya Chicken Curry (RM6) Chicken Sweet Corn


Nyonya Bites is located at3rd Exchange. I think this is the first eatery that specialised in Nyonya cuisines. Here are some food and beverages that Nyonya Bites offers: The interior. Nyonya Style Beehoon(RM4.90), nothing to rave about this. The food is limited.This place is more suitable for teabreak than having lunch or dinner. They have