Jun 09

RJ Ayam Bakar is located along Abell Road, Kuching opposite Alliance Bank. RJ means raja (King) is a simple kopitiam that sells variety of Asian fusion food.

RJ Ayam Bakar Kopitiam

RJ Ayam Bakar famous food is Ayam Penyet, Raja Banana Cheese and other specialties.

RJ Ayam Bakar Kopitiam

Raja Ikan Bakar Special @ RM9.00

RJ Ayam Bakar Kopitiam

Raja Ayam Bakar Special @ RM8.80

Business hours: Monday – Sunday (Noon – 2am)

RJ Ayam Bakar Kopitiam
291-295 Jalan Abell, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Contact No.: +6082-414 797
Email: rj.ayambakar@gmail.com
Facebook: RJ AYAM BAKAR kopitiam

Nov 02

Sarawak Laksa (Chinese: 叻沙) comes from the Malaysian state Sarawak, on the island of Borneo. It has a base of Sambal Belacan, sour tamarind, garlic, galangal, lemon grass and coconut milk, topped with Bean sprouts, chicken strips, omelette strips, prawns and fresh coriander.

Sarawak Laksa, Kuching

Sarawak Laksa @ Golden Arch Commercial Centre, 3rd Mile, Kuching.

Sarawak Laksa, Kuching

Sarawak Laksa @ Tiang’s Cafe (Barrett’s Laksa)
Location: Bormill Estate, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Kuching.

Sarawak Laksa, Kuching

Sarawak Laksa @ Madam Tang’s Cafe
Location: Wisma Nation Horizon, Jalan Petanak, Kuching.

Sarawak Laksa, Kuching

Sarawak Laksa @ Foody Goody Cafe
Location: Jalan Setia Raja, Stutong Kuching.

Sarawak Laksa, Kuching

Sarawak Laksa @ 63 Laksa (Laksa Six-Three)
Location: Thian Luk Food Court, King Centre Kuching.

Sep 22

It’s been awhile not updating the food outlets in Kuching aside from the hotels’ food.

Went to See Good Food Centre located at Ban Hock Road.

If not mistaken, the place is renovated.

Let’s see what we had:

Kedondong Juice and Carrot Juice。

I’m not sure what to call this fish in English. In Hokkien we called it “hong boi“.

Bitter gourd with egg.

Having crab is a must!

Drunken prawn.

In total, we spent RM76++ for this dinner.

Contact No: 082-251 397

May 07

You want something simple? Why not try out this new place called Simple. Is it that simple?

Simple is located in RH Plaza. Let’s see what they have:

Soy sauce chicken rice (RM5.50).

This was the dish of the day.

Sambal seafood fried rice (RM5).

Indeed very simple.

May 01

Thai food lover might want to check Thai Me Up! which is located at Food Bazaar, tHe Spring.

The special thing about this place is that you can choose your own combination of taste for the food you want to order. That’s something quite unique.

The price range from between RM6.80 – RM7.80

4 steps to make your order.

Tom Yum Seafood Rice (RM 6.80)

Red Curry Seafood Rice (RM 7.80)

Green Curry Seafood Rice (RM 6.80)

Tom yam seafood and rice (RM 6.80)

Apr 17

TOAST @ WORK has similar concept to Kaya & Toast here in Kuching.

Went to TOAST @ WORK at Food Junction which is in Bugis Junction during the Singapore trip.

Ordered chui kueh, forgot how much. The sambal was pretty spicy but the chui kueh itself wasn’t that bad.

Kuching used to have very good chui kueh but it’s hard to find now. Anyone knows where to get good chui kueh in Kuching?

Apr 03

Continue with the food post of the previous Singapore trip. Still a few more to go…

Went you reach Bugis, at the MRT station, you’ll find a food court there. If not mistaken, this is located at the basement. Just make sure you use the escalator to go up once you at the station.

On the previous trip, we managed to buy some food there to try:

Bread Papa Sweets. It’s just cream puff, filled with lots and lots of cream. Forget what I had bought, I think it’s vanilla, don’t remember how much.

Chewy Junior, another type of cream puff. Bought a box of 6 which cost SGD8.

Takoyaki stall, SGD2.30 for 3 balls. There’s bacon & cheese, octopus and prawn to choose.

There are many other stalls around, so many choices to look out for. I’m sure you’ll find something you like there.

Mar 22

Home-Made Specialities isn’t new in Kuching. It’s been operating for quite awhile already.

It’s located at Ang Cheng Ho, Lorong 1.

Here’s some of the food that are quite popular there apart from the curry puff and yam puff.

Hen Hua Mee Big Prawn (RM7), very colourful and nicely arranged.

Tomato Kueh Tiaw(RM4.50), hopefully the price is correctly recalled.

Claypot Chicken Leg/Pork Soup, don’t remember the price. Sorry. The peppery soup was very very thick.

One more kopitiam for you to try out.

Dec 20

Think of Sarawak Laksa, think of Kuching!!

Heard of Oyster Laksa? I’m sure you are curious because usually we see prawns, cockles, or chicken meat but never heard of oyster in Sarawak Laksa.

Decided to check it out. It’s located at one of the coffee shops at King Centre, Thian Luk Food Court.

Oyster Laksa -RM5.00

Tried it before?

Nov 20

I’m sure many Kuchingites are familiar with Chong Choon Cafe. It’s a must-go for many Sarawak Laksa lovers. You can get one of the best Sarawak Laksa here. Had the opportunity to had our lunch there, did not order the Sarawak Laksa because it’s out of stock and near closing time.

Let’s see what we managed to order:

Kolo lau su fen, literally translate it as rat noodle (RM2.50). Don’t worry, it’s not made from rats! Another name for it is silver needle noodle.

Kolo mee (RM2.50).

it is a place that you can go if you want to experience the old school kopitiam in Kuching. You can also find humongous Teh C Peng there.

Location: Abell Road, Kuching, Malaysia, 93100 (same row as Air Asia office)
Phone: 012-8571811
Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 6:30 am – 12:00 pm