Nov 07

Flinders Station is located at Song Plaza, Kuching. It is an Australian themed casual restaurant which carries established brands – Pizza Junction & It’s Pie Time!

Flinders Station

Flinders Station served the authentic Italian pizzas, pastas, traditional Aussie meat pie, chicken pie and etc.

Flinders Station

It is so authentic that It’s Pie Time! is endorsed by famous pie producer Tony Gavaghan from Melbourne.

Flinders Station

Nice Menu.

Flinders Station

Flinders Station shares with Pizza Junction.

Flinders Station

We ordered Junction’s Value Meals – Combo 2.

Flinders Station

Combo 2 included Garlic Bread, Whole Wheat Crust (Satay Mania & Thai Prawn), Soup of the Day (Mushroom Soup).

Flinders Station

Flinders – The Real Aussie Taste. Must try when I visit Flinders Station again.

Flinders Station

Soup of the Day – Mushroom Soup.

Flinders Station

Flinders Station

Garlic Bread.

Flinders Station

Chicken Wing.

Flinders Station

Whole Wheat Crust (Satay Mania & Thai Prawn).

Flinders Station

Flinders Station, Song Plaza Kuching
Tel: 082-455 997
Facebook: Flinders Station, Song Plaza

Aug 05

Here… Some photos to share with you for the Kuching Festival Food Fair.

Date: 31st July – 22nd August
Time: 6pm – 11pm
Place: Dewan Masyarakat

The entrance. Just going to show you the surrounding, food will come in coming post(s) because I’m still collecting them.

As usual, you can always find the same old stalls every year without fail.

There are also news ones. It seems like there’s more stalls this year compare to the past.

More stalls…

Was caught with surprise when I smelt durian smell. You got to be kidding me! Sell durian in food fair?!?! WOW! I hope the tourists won’t be shooed away by it. Anyway, there’s many people lining up to buy the food there. Seems like it’s quite a hit.

Various associations were given the chance to sell there too. You can find food from various races/dialects there.

Another section of the food far.

This stall has the most “advanced” banner.

Food photos will come soon, maybe in the coming post.

Jul 24

Remember Silhouette Restaurant & Bar at tHe Spring? It’s no longer in operation but you can still get their pizzas at the food court at tHe Spring, Food Bazaar.

The pizza choices are different now of course, it also looked different too. Taste is different too because they don’t use the same toppings. The pizza is priced at RM12 each. The size is about the size of regular pizza at Pizza Hut.

Anyone that like lots of cheese on his/her pizza might want to check this place out.

The one you see here is turkey ham and mushroom pizza. You have to wait 10 minutes for an order.

Pizza lovers might want to give this one a try. What do you think of it?

Apr 16

Pizza and More started its business somewhere last year end (if not mistaken). Previously it’s known as Italiano. It’s easy to locate. Pizza and More located at the same row of Air Asia office.

The menu.

Ice Black Tea, Lemon flavour (RM2.30) and Ice Milo with no sugar (RM4).

White Coffee (RM2.50)

Pinnochio (RM19.80)

Beef Lagsana (RM16.80)

Fish & Chips (RM12.80)

Contact Details:

Address: Wisma Ho Ho Lim, No. 288. Ground Floor, Sublot 1, Jalan Abell, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
E-mail: pizza.and.more [at]
Tel: 016- 894 8082 (Christy Lee)

Operating hours:
11.30am-10pm (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday)
11.30am-2.30pm (Tuesday)
5.30pm-10pm (Sunday)

Oct 28

This post will cover our dinner, supper and dessert of day 3 in Penang.

We had our dinner at Yi Garden. It was so packed! It was not easy to find a place to sit. I’m not sure where is the exact area it located, it’s located somewhere around Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Centre if not mistaken.

The wantan mee that our friend said that it’s very famous. This plate cost RM3+ if not mistaken. The wantan were hiddden below the noodle.

This is just wantan with no mee. Very succulent wantan, no wonder it’s so famous.

Oh dear… What are these two called? They seemed like Cantonese Char. Anyone got any idea? :p Forgot to take note of the name and the price.

O jien again, RM5 only and the oysters were generous!

Pork spare parts porridge. Don’t remember how much also but it’s much cheaper than in Kuching and this is the kind that you can eat the every single grain of the porridge instead of the mushy type that we usually got.

Next round, we went to the food court next door. To try more food. This is bak chang.

Chu Chang Fen, this is much better than the previous one. The gravy is extremely sticky and thick! A bit too sweet for our liking. Still with the sambal, it’s quite nice.

Then, here came our pizza, very cheesy thin crust pizza. This is really recommended! Not sure how much but it should be below RM15(just wild guess).

Our last stop was a shop selling herbal drinks and tong sui that is very famous in Penang. Not going to let you know the name though. In fact, we forgot the name also. Very hard to read and pronounce.

These were some of the stuffs that we had. We spent RM40+ on all of them! It’s very expensive!!! The most expensive “meal” in Penang. Does this even consier a meal. However, the ingredients they used are pricey and good quality ones, that’s why you got such price.

Let’s see… The cup of drink is some kind of ginseng drink, the black one is guilingao, the yellow green with black sauce is di ya kueh(I hope I got it right), and the white one is tao hu hua, the brownish one is xuet kap(not sure how to pronounce it, it’s not cheap stuff).

So that’s the end of our day 3 food.

Oct 10

Thyme’s Continental Cuisine, as the name suggested it, they serve continental food. Heard that the pizza is a must try. Didn’t manage to try it that time because wasn’t thinking of eating too much.

The counter.

The interior. There’s an option where you can sit outside.

Soya Bean (RM2), Ribena Sprite (RM2). If they are to move, they will surely need lots of moving boxes because they have many type of glasses for different type of drinks.

Caesar Salad (RM6)

Thyme’s Continental Cuisine
Address: P2-G-5(B), Jalan Tabuan, Chonglin Park, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak.
Mobile No: 017-220 0121

Sep 11

Bella Italia is located at RH Plaza. Not sure how to describe the direction. This is one of the best places in Kuching to eat cream-based pasta.

The interior.

The menu.

Quattro Staggioni(RM29.80).

Margheritta with 4 types of pizzas(Hawaiian, Tonno, Diavola and Funghi).

Penne Agnello(RM20.80), short tubed pasta cooked in tomato-cream sauce with boneless lamb shank, tomatoes, black olive, onions and fresh mushrooms.

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Jan 09

(No longer in operation) 

According to many people, Casa Davide is an Italian restaurant that serves pretty good pizzas. It’s located along the street of Padungan.

Here are some food and beverages that Casa Davide offers:

Fettucine Carbonara (RM15.50)

Fettucine Camatriciana (RM15.50)

Tel No: 012-855 1668

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