Apr 03

Continue with the food post of the previous Singapore trip. Still a few more to go…

Went you reach Bugis, at the MRT station, you’ll find a food court there. If not mistaken, this is located at the basement. Just make sure you use the escalator to go up once you at the station.

On the previous trip, we managed to buy some food there to try:

Bread Papa Sweets. It’s just cream puff, filled with lots and lots of cream. Forget what I had bought, I think it’s vanilla, don’t remember how much.

Chewy Junior, another type of cream puff. Bought a box of 6 which cost SGD8.

Takoyaki stall, SGD2.30 for 3 balls. There’s bacon & cheese, octopus and prawn to choose.

There are many other stalls around, so many choices to look out for. I’m sure you’ll find something you like there.

Mar 15

Was wondering around Bugis area looking for a place to have late dinner.

Saw QQ Noodle House was still opened for business, we decided to dine there not knowing what they serve. We only know they serve noodle from the Chinese community. It’s located at Victoria Street.

After we sat down, we saw the wall… “Sarawak, known as Bumi Kenyalang (Land of the Hornbills)”. It then dawned on us that we’re here for Sarawak food!

At first we thought must be kolomee but after we saw the poster and newspapers article, they’re serving kampua!

Here you go… Ordered some food just to fill out tummy before heading back to the hotel.

Fresh barley.

Fried Tang Hun (SGD5.50).

QQ Specialty (SGD5), the kampua.

So… If you’re in Singapore and miss kampua, maybe you can come here to fix your craving. Or just want to judge whether it’s authentic enough or not, why not?

ADDRESS: 231 Victoria Street S(188025)

Feb 26

Went to Singapore last month, visited Sentosa. Saw Garrett Popcorn and out of curiosity, we decided to buy some to try. It’s just outside of Universal Studio.

A Tradition…Since 1949.

Very nice plastic bag, you have to ask for it though.

Chicago Mix(SGD8, small). It’s actually a mix of CheeseCorn(yellow) and CaramelCrisp(brown).

CheeseCorn was odd but CaramelCrisp wasn’t bad. Overall, the popcorn wasn’t bad, big and hardly found any seed that didn’t pop unlike what we usually found in local popcorn.

Jan 21

When we were at Singapore, we went to Astons Specialities for your dinner on the first night at Sembawang Shopping Centre. The place was packed and we had to queue.

Astons started off in a coffeeshop along East Coast Road. Due to its affordable price and tasty food, it’s now very popular among Singaporeans. There’s many branches around Singapore.

Let’s see what we ordered:

Prime Sirloin (SGD11.50) with two sides (Mashed Potato and House Salad). See how thick it is? We had it medium rare.

Grilled Fish with Herbs (SGD7.50) with two sides (Pasta Salad and Onion Ring).

You can dine here if you fancy affordable and good quality western food.

Contact information:
Address: 604 Sembawang Road, Sembawang Shopping Centre, #03-14, Singapore 758459/
Tel : 6753 6302
Operating Hours: 11.30am -10pm (open daily)
URL: http://www.astons.com.sg

Jan 11

This is going to be the first post of food we had in Singapore from our trip not long ago. Do expect more to come.

Went to Nando’s at Bugis Junction for lunch on the first day in Singapore.

It was packed. It took quite a long time for the food to be served too. Even the bill took quite a long time to come. Too many people.

The menu.

The signature sauces of Nando’s, without these, it’s not Nando’s:

Tomato Sauce and Garlic Peri-Peri.

Extra Hot Peri-Peri and Hot Peri-Peri.

The interior.

Bottles of sauces as decorations.

Ordered 1/2 Chicken with Mediterranean Rice (SGD18.90), Lemon & Herbs. The chicken was tender and juicy. Just did not expect frozen veggies were used for the rice.

Soft drink, Coke(SGD2.90)

Supposed to be a quick lunch and turned out to be quite a long one. Finally got to taste Nando’s.

Here’s Nando’s official website: www.nandos.com

Dec 28

This is the last post of Singapore eateries that I’ve been to during my previous Singapore trip.

If you’re in Vivo City, Singapore, I’m sure you will not miss the food court, Food Republic.

The design of the place is very unique. It felt like as if you gone into a different era.

We’ll just let the photo do the talking.

As usual, we all know food court serves a variety of food. You can get that here for sure.

We managed to order some food for our dinner:

Fast food from the fast food stall. This plate of rice cost SGD4.70

It came with a bowl of seaweed soup.

Mixed meat claypot rice(SGD6.80) from Fortune Restaurant stall.

If you’re wondering, Food Republic at Pavilion, KL actually belongs to the same company(BreadTalk Group) that owns several Food Republic food courts in Singapore.

Nov 29

Kowloonn Food Express is one of the eateries you can find in Sentosa, Singapore. It’s located at near the Underwater World at Siloso.

We had our lunch here. Let’s see what we had:

Ordered Chicken Rice Set(SGD8), this stall is self-service.

Singapore Style Fried Bee Hoon(SGD6).

What you see here are just some of the food available. They have wide range food for your to choose. It was so packed when we were there since it’s lunch time.

This is the only eatery we had our meal at Sentosa. Would love to try out more places but time wasn’t at our side. Maybe next time.

Nov 09

Red House Seafood Restaurant is located a Robertson Quay, Singapore. This is one of them, another one located at East Coast Seafood Centre, Singapore.

Red House Seafood Restaurant at Robertson Quay has a cosmopolitan feel to the interior.

The modern interior designed by the acclaimed architects of GreenhilLi.

There’s a very huge ceiling fan called the ‘Big Ass’ fans measuring 7 metres in diameter. Not in the photo though.

Even the menu is red.

This peanut was given to us while we wait for our food. It’s not FOC. It’s charged along with the wet towel. It’s automatically charged to your bill so don’t be surprised about it.

We ordered Chinese tea to go with our dinner. The tea was free flow but I don’t have the price with me.

Let’s see what we had for our dinner:

Signature Creamy Custard Prawn(SGD7 for 100gm)

Braised Spinach Tofu & Honshimeji Mushroom topped with Crisp Conpoy (small, SGD14)

New Zealand Tender Venison on Sizzling Hot Plate(medium, SGD27)

Red House Mee Goreng(small, SGD12)

Braised Ee Fu Noodle with Assorted Mushroom and Chives(small, SGD10)

Sambal Kang Kong(small, SGD10)

Don’t you think the prices were a bit steep? It’s OK to indulge once in a while and the food were pretty good.

You can check out this place from their official website, http://www.redhouseseafood.com

Here’s the contact details:
Red House at The Quayside
#01-13/ 14 The Quayside
60 Robertson Quay
Singapore 238 252
Tel: +65 6735 7666
Fax: +65 67352298
E-mail: quayside[at]redhouseseafood[dot]com

Oct 24

When I was in Singapore, I came across many Uzumaki kiosks.

This is the one located at Bugis but I didn’t buy the ice cream from this kiosk.

Later at the day, I came across it again at Chinatown. I bought my Uzumaki ice cream at the The FirePlace at 268 South Bridge Road.

The ice cream on display, they are not real but they looked real.

I went for the Matcha-ah. It cost me SGD3 for this small cup.

Matcha-ah, the signature product of Uzumaki, is made from the best green tea leaves from Japan.

This little cup consisted of whole tea leaves with all the nutrients that come with it.

The ice cream was rich and creamy and the texture was quite heavy. It’s different from the usual ice cream that I tasted before.

Uzumaki’s tagline is Japanese Favourite Ice Cream. Check out Uzumaki offical website.

Oct 12

It’s very easy to find food in Singapore. Food is everywhere! You can even find food at almost all of the MRT stations.

Foodfare is one of the food courts located at Sembawang MRT.

These are some photos of the food court interior:

Modern, clean and simple design. You can find all sort of food there, that’s what food court is all about anyway. Food ranging from local to international cuisine all under one roof.

Here are some of the food we had ordered for our lunch:

Salmon Pete+Chicken Terriyaki Bento (SGD5.30)

Hokkien Mee (SGD3.50)

Red Ruby(SGD1.70)

I still have some posts from my recent Singapore trip to share. So do expect posts about food out of Kuching for quite some time.