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FOOD COURT @ Bugis MRT Station, Singapore

Continue with the food post of the previous Singapore trip. Still a few more to go… Went you reach Bugis, at the MRT station, you’ll find a food court there. If not mistaken, this is located at the basement. Just make sure you use the escalator to go up once you at the station. On

QQ NOODLE HOUSE, Victoria Street, Bugis, Singapore

Was wondering around Bugis area looking for a place to have late dinner. Saw QQ Noodle House was still opened for business, we decided to dine there not knowing what they serve. We only know they serve noodle from the Chinese community. It’s located at Victoria Street. After we sat down, we saw the wall…


Went to Singapore last month, visited Sentosa. Saw Garrett Popcorn and out of curiosity, we decided to buy some to try. It’s just outside of Universal Studio. A Tradition…Since 1949. Very nice plastic bag, you have to ask for it though. Chicago Mix(SGD8, small). It’s actually a mix of CheeseCorn(yellow) and CaramelCrisp(brown). CheeseCorn was odd

ASTONS SPECIALITIES @ Sembawang Shopping Centre, Singapore

When we were at Singapore, we went to Astons Specialities for your dinner on the first night at Sembawang Shopping Centre. The place was packed and we had to queue. Astons started off in a coffeeshop along East Coast Road. Due to its affordable price and tasty food, it’s now very popular among Singaporeans. There’s

NANDO’S @ Bugis Junction, Singapore

This is going to be the first post of food we had in Singapore from our trip not long ago. Do expect more to come. Went to Nando’s at Bugis Junction for lunch on the first day in Singapore. It was packed. It took quite a long time for the food to be served too.