Jun 13

I’m sure many locals know where is Sematan Palm Beach Resort. It’s about 1 and half hour drive from Kuching. If you stay there, your stay will include buffet dinner and buffet breakfast.

If you do not stay there but you still want to dine there, you can see the prices in the above photo. Not sure how they charge on weekdays though.

The interior.

Here are the food we had when we were there:

Was expecting to have some seafood but they only served fish that night.

You can also make your own rojak and ais kacang.

The salad, fruit and cake corner.

It’s a good thing they provide dinner and breakfast for the guests as it’s very dark to drive out there to hunt for dinner at night.

Jun 03

Sam Chai is located at Sematan. This is one place you can get seafood in Sematan. Sematan town is small, it’s very easy to find. It’s located at the row of shops facing the jetty. Sematan is about one and half hour drive from Kuching.

Let’s see some of the food that we had but too bad we didn’t order any seafood that time due to some unforeseen circumstances but everyone that dined there ordered lots of seafood for lunch. Sematan is known for its very cheap and affordable seafood and some people would just drive all the way here to have seafood.

Fresh coconut juice.

Chili for the kueh tiaw and noodle we ordered.

Taugeh Fried Kueh Tiaw (RM2)

Taugeh Fried Noodle (RM2)