Nov 19

Penang post is back. This is the last post for our Penang trip. We had this for our brunch on the last day. It’s located in Gurney Plaza, Penang. Do not mistaken this with the Seoul Garden we have in Kuching though, they are not related.

The entrance. It’s Steamboat and barbeque buffet, all you can eat. For lunch(RM19.99++ for adult), for dinner(RM24.99++ for adult). Add on RM3.99 for free flow of drink.

Get your food here. They got a lot for you to choose and they are all very fresh. No food wastege allowed of course.

Vegetables and “balls” section.

Meat, various type of meat anf they are nicely marinated for you to barbeque.

We opted for kimchi soup, a bit dissapointing because it’s sweet, not spicy at all.

We got lots and lots of meat.

I heard they have coffee marinated meat also but we didn’t try it because we didn’t know, there’s no sign saying anything about what they marinate the meat in, we just took whatever that fancied us.

Various type of “balls”.

Enjoy! We were so full!

Don’t forget to have your desserts, they have a dessert corner to make your own desserts ranging from fruits, ice cream, to even cendol!

11.30am-4.59pm(adult RM19.99++,child RM9.99++)
5.00pm-10.30pm(adult RM24.99++,child RM11.99++)
Saturday, Sunday and holidays
11.30am-3.59pm(adult RM24.99++,child RM9.99++)
4.00pm-10.30pm(adult RM27.99++,child RM11.99++)
Students(Monday-Friday,except public holiday)

Free flow drink RM3.99++

Seoul Garden
Address: 170-B1-32A, Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang, Malaysia
Tel No: 04-229 8559
Fax No: 04-228 0559

Nov 11

Have you ever wonder how it feels to dining on a toilet bowl, eating on the sink and even eating from the toilet bowl or bathtub?

We went to Queensbay Mall in Penang and stumbled on this shop and decided to try it out. It’s something unique that you don’t get in Kuching. This is a concept restaurant/cafe. There were so many people dining there, maybe it’s new that’s why.

T.Bowl Concept Restauran is the name.

Everybody sitting on the toilet bowl and enjoying their food.

I’m sure it’s something that attract the youngsters to come here. The price for the food is a bit on the higher end though.

One of the lightings in the restaurant.

The huge poster on the wall.

T.Bowl Concept Restaurant’s menu.

Blue Curacao Bubble + Vanilla Ice Cream Mocktail(RM5.50)

Lemon . Sour Plum Mocktail(RM5.50)

Beef Chop Rice(RM12.90)

Tomyam Seafood Flaming Pot(RM12.90)

Signature Giant Sausage(RM12.90), this is the most special dish there. Even they called it “an intestine of poo” in Chinese ;p

Fish Fillet Baked Rice (RM13.90)

Mushroom Soup (RM4.50)

Signature Chicken Baked Rice in Twin Sauce(RM13.90)

Overall damage was RM109.45, including 10% service tax.

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant, QueensBay Mall
Address: 3F-43 | 43A | 45, 100, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang

Nov 08

We went to a village somewhere in Balik Pulau for very late lunch. We were told that the Penang Assam Laksa there is one of the best one. The place is very seclude and we got no idea how to go also. Furthermore, our friend got lost when looking for it also.

This is the famous Penang Assam Laksa (RM2.50). It was indeed delicious. So many people went there to have their fix of Penang Assam Laksa. The place was full, there’s never an empty place. Once a table was cleared, another cutomer would come and sit down.

I think this is called Har Mee or I think it should be Hokkien Mee, not very sure though, there’s many prawns and tasted “prawny” too. It’s also RM2.50.

Nov 02

We went to Tropical fruit Garden for our tea break. You can order many fruit dishes or fruit juice there. The furits are from that garden itself.

This is the mixed fruit platter. Don’t remember the price.

Ice dessert with mango puree. very refreshing on a hot day but it was raining when we were there. I don’t remember how much is this also.

My conclusion is that, the things here are definitely not cheap. We bought the nutmeg sweet for RM6 per packet and we later found out at airport that they sell much cheaper but forgot how much. Very bad memory.

Oct 28

This post will cover our dinner, supper and dessert of day 3 in Penang.

We had our dinner at Yi Garden. It was so packed! It was not easy to find a place to sit. I’m not sure where is the exact area it located, it’s located somewhere around Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Centre if not mistaken.

The wantan mee that our friend said that it’s very famous. This plate cost RM3+ if not mistaken. The wantan were hiddden below the noodle.

This is just wantan with no mee. Very succulent wantan, no wonder it’s so famous.

Oh dear… What are these two called? They seemed like Cantonese Char. Anyone got any idea? :p Forgot to take note of the name and the price.

O jien again, RM5 only and the oysters were generous!

Pork spare parts porridge. Don’t remember how much also but it’s much cheaper than in Kuching and this is the kind that you can eat the every single grain of the porridge instead of the mushy type that we usually got.

Next round, we went to the food court next door. To try more food. This is bak chang.

Chu Chang Fen, this is much better than the previous one. The gravy is extremely sticky and thick! A bit too sweet for our liking. Still with the sambal, it’s quite nice.

Then, here came our pizza, very cheesy thin crust pizza. This is really recommended! Not sure how much but it should be below RM15(just wild guess).

Our last stop was a shop selling herbal drinks and tong sui that is very famous in Penang. Not going to let you know the name though. In fact, we forgot the name also. Very hard to read and pronounce.

These were some of the stuffs that we had. We spent RM40+ on all of them! It’s very expensive!!! The most expensive “meal” in Penang. Does this even consier a meal. However, the ingredients they used are pricey and good quality ones, that’s why you got such price.

Let’s see… The cup of drink is some kind of ginseng drink, the black one is guilingao, the yellow green with black sauce is di ya kueh(I hope I got it right), and the white one is tao hu hua, the brownish one is xuet kap(not sure how to pronounce it, it’s not cheap stuff).

So that’s the end of our day 3 food.

Oct 26

See the title of this post? That’s because we didn’t manage to get the name of the place ;p All we’re thinking of eating but it’s not hard to locate. It’s just next to Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Centre Penang. If you are facing the entrance of Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Centre Penang, just walk to your left and you will be greeted with a small junction, turn into that junction and you will find it.

It’s a popular place for chicken rice, duck rice, pork rice or mixture of all those. Not to forget the char sio. Too bad we didn’t manage to eat the char sio because when we were there, it’s not ready it.

We ordered 6 sets and the meat given was very generous! Guess what? It’s only RM39.60 for 6 of us including drinks. SURPRISE! You think you can get this kind of price and this kind of portion in Kuching? NO WAY! You can’t but it’s possible in Penang. It looked little from this angle but I can assure you that this portion is usually what you get for like 3-4 people in Kuching. Imagine we are getting this kind of portion each in Penang.

According to our friend, ordering it set by set will get bigger portion compare to order a big set to share among each other.

The soup is really tasty. Quite big bowl too. It’s really worth it. Extremely worth it! *LOL*

Oct 24

Long Beach is situated at Batu Feringghi. It’s quite a popular place among the locals and the tourists. Our friend recommended us to have our dinner here.

The drinks we ordered: grape ice blended, orange ice blended, pineapple ice blended, and watermelon juice. The ice blended in only RM4, and the juice is RM2.50(if not mistaken). Very cheap right?

Following are the food we ordered but forgot about the prices.

Oh dear… Forget what this is called. It’s a kind of popiah, not sure is Hainan or Hokkien hahaha…

Mushroom soup.

Garlic chicken chop(I think this should be the name), very nice.

In Penang, their o jien is wet type. They are very generous with the oysters and the price is so much cheaper than what you can get in Kuching.

Fried kueh tiaw, Penang is famous for their fried kueh tiaw but this is the only fried kueh tiaw we had when we were in Penang.

Our friend recommeded us to order this. Not sure about the name. Maybe it’s buttered grilled prawn.

That’s all for our day 2 dinner.

Oct 23

We had our brunch at Kang Hoe Coffee Shop. So sorry that we have no idea where’s the exact location of this place. It’s somewhere on the way down from Batu Ferringhi. We drove around without knowing where to go for breakfast and ended up here.

Fried bee hoon, only RM1. Portion was not bad. Where can you get RM1 food in Kuching with this portion? This is something new for us.

Chu chang fen(RM2.60), it’s different from what you can get here. Theirs don’t have fillings and it’s served with sambal and very thick and sweet prawn paste.

Don’t remember what is this dish call but it’s something like our cha kueh.

Not sure what kind of noodle is this but it came with some wantan. It cost RM3 and portion was big.

So sorry for the lack of details. We were in a rush and didn’t take note of anything. More food to come.

Oct 22

Reached Penang a bit late due to flight delay. Since our flight was at night, the only thing we could do is eat but many places closed already. We had supper at a coffeeshop somewhere at Air Itam(if not mistaken), the name is called East Coast something-something. Can’t give you much details about the place because the locals brought us there and all we thought was eating ;p

The following are the food that we had, no price available but rest assure that Penang food is way so much cheaper than Kuching. Pork is used in many Chinese food. Most food you see here contain pork except the seafood.

Penang’s Kueh Chap. It is different from what we have in Kuching. The soup isn’t very thick. They even have duck meat in there. Totally different from what you can get in Kuching.

Mee Jawa, it’s cooked by the Chinese. You see the cha siew there? It tasted very different from what you can get from Kuching also. It tasted more like belacan beehon to me hahaha… We noticed that in Penang, as long that it’s mee dish, you will definitely get bee hoon along with the mee.

Duck rice, it’s just duck rice.

Tai Luk Mee.

Hokkien Char.

BBQ Fish, the sambal is really tasty. They BBQ the fish with curry powder unlike in Kuching which the sambal is directly BBQ along with the fish.

It seems like lala is everywhere in Penang. This is very delicious!

There you go… End of part one of the food. Part two will come soon.

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