Apr 09

Alex Eating House is located at Beach Road in Bugis.

They seem to be specialized in roast duck.

Decided to had our lunch here… When you’re there, definitely you’ll order the duck dish.

Roasted Duck and Char Siew Rice (SGD4).

Char Siew Wan Ton Noodle (SGD4).

Roasted Duck Noodle (SGD4).

I don’t guarantee that it’s nice. It’s up to individual taste but personally I think that there’s better ones out there. However, the pricing and portion wasn’t that bad.

Oct 11

In fact this was a very old post, 1 or 2 years ago. Updated in here before but I have not idea where it gone too. It just gone missing.

Restoran Soo Huat is popular in Melaka. According to my friend that brought me here, they serve the best bak kut teh. They are also famous for their sweet and sour pork leg, yellow wine chicken(direct translation from the Chinese name), and Thai assam fish.

There are many celebrities that had dined in this restaurant before, you can see many signatures and newpapers report there.

Tea is the best drink to compliment bak kut teh in West Malaysia. However, in Kuching, I don’t think this is the case.

A type pf pork leg dish.

Vegetable dish.

The bak kut teh that is very famous.

I have no idea of the exact location but if you are in Melaka, I’m sure the locals will know where it’s located.