Jul 03

I think Pan Mee in KL is just like Kolo Mee in Kuching. This eatery is located at Jalan Berangan. I’m not sure its Malay or English name of the place. The Chinese name for this place is 添記(老地方)板面.

I found out that they have another branch at Jalan Alor called Uncle Lim板麵(林記茶餐室). Both are pretty well-known among the locals. The two sisters are the persons behind these famous eateries.

I have problem finding the writeup of this particular place online in English. Will try my best to share more with you.

We went there for lunch. It’s was so packed!

Was quite lost in what to order. Luckily they had set lunch promotion and we went for it. It made the ordering so much easier, there’s a list there on the table. The set came with the pan mee + fish ball + meat ball + drink + a pack of facial tissue. Small set was RM7.50 and big set was RM8. There were 16 types of pan mee dishes for you to choose!

Here’s what we ordered:

Flat soup. The pan mee was served in soup along with dried anchovies, mushrooms, sweet leaf, meat balls, and fish balls.

Flat dry.

Thin dry.

All right, I know the names sound weird, I just quote from the menu.

You can choose to have herbal tea(the brownish yellowish one) or cincau(black one) for the drink either hot or cold.

Contact information:
Operating hours:

7.30am-3pm(Monday to Saturday)
Sunday and Public Holiday Closed
Tel. No.: 016-3639559

Jun 28

Krispe Kreme is finally landed in Malaysia about a year ago. It’s located at Berjaya Time Square.  Just found out that the latest outlets can be found at Sunway Pyramid and Mid Valley.

Decided to buy 1 dozens of donuts, it cost RM23.90 before we headed to the airport.

Have no idea which is what because they looked familiar.

Basically this is how it looked like after about 12 hours in the box from KL to Kuching.

Contact information:

Ground Floor, Lot G-08A
Berjaya Times Square
No1 Jln Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone Number: 603-2119 7373

Operation Hours: 10am-10pm

URL: http://www.krispykreme.com.my

Jun 23

Previously I posted about Old Chang Kee in Singapore, then I saw it at 1 Utama during my previous KL trip. Missed the Old Chang Kee Curry Puff, so bought we bought one.

Forgot to take photos of the curry puff. Can you see the huge one at the background? And mountain of curry puffs in the display shelf?

You can check out Old Chang Kee official website to find out more.

Jun 18

I’m sure T.G.I Friday is no stranger to many of you. It’s famous for fresh food and mouthwatering American classics, from appetizers perfect for sharing, to memorable burgers and delicious desserts. Always wanted to try out this place in KL or in Penang but never got the chance.

Finally had the chance to dine in T.G.I Friday during my previous trip. Saw it at 1 Utama and decided to have dinner there.

Green Apple Slush(RM8.90), mixture of green apple and lemon-lime soda.

Texas Ribeye and Cajun Fried Shrimp(RM54.90), generous 10 oz. Australian chilled air flown grain-fed ribeye topped with a fresh spicy tomato pico de gallo paired with crispy Cajun fried shrimp served with BBQ sauce, Cheedar mashed potatoes and grilled corn on the cob.

The food portion was quite big. It’s better to share with a friend or two if you are an average or small eater.

Check out the official site of T.G.I Friday(http://www.fridays.com.my/)

Jun 10

Heard of Mr. Baoz! before? I got to know about it few years back but only had the opportunity to try it out during my previous trip to KL. Found the outlet at Food Republic, Pavilion. Immediately we bought some to try.

Since there was promotion that time and we bought the promo set, 4 baby Mr. Baoz for RM1.70/each. Original price was RM1.80/each.

Forgot what we had tried though, I might get the names wrong and the names are not in order:

We had BBQ Chicken(from Royal Delicacy series), Winter Romance(from Chocolate Serise), Chicken Sate Baoz(from Royal Delicacy series), and Snowflake Taro Baoz(from snowflake series).

Wonder will this franchise come to Kuching in near future. Do you think people here will accept it or not? A simple normal bao can also be so cute!

You can check out their website if you want to http://www.mrbaoz.com.my/

May 10

It was a crazy day, got lost in KL, too tired from walking around so simply settled our dinner at BB Plaza.

Some how when we tried to look for a decent eatery we couldn’t find it and got fed up. We saw BB Plaza Food Court after going down down down the building and we just settled for it. No more energy or mood anymore.

Couldn’t decided what to order, settled for fried rice.  I don’t remember what this is!

This is salted fish fried rice.

Total bill… RM10.80.

All I can say is our food court in Kuching is way better than this.

May 02

I know many Kuchingites are hoping that Burger King to come to Kuching but sadly they are not coming and I don’t think you will see Burger King here in Kuching any sooner.

My first encounter with Burger King was in Singapore and I had it almost everyday when I was there! Got hooked on it. The burgers were really nice. My second encounter with Burger King was in Genting Highlands, was thrilled when I saw that it’s there because it had been more than 5 years since my last feast at Burger King.

When we saw Burger King at KL Sentral, we were thrilled. Finally got to have it again. McD was packed to the max because of its value meals so for those who didn’t want to wait would go over to Burger King for their fast food fix. Burger King specialized in burgers rather than fried chicken, so this makes it different from McD or KFC.

Ordered 2 burgers(don’t remember what they were, it’s been 4 months ago) and a Whooper Jr. set(RM11.49) that came with a drink and fries.

Do you want Burger King to come here? Do you think it will affect other fast food outlets greatly if they do come? I guess it definitely will especially in the beginning of operation.

Aug 22

There are many photos to filter for the trip so it will take a while for me to update about the food I had in Singapore.

Anyway, let’s see what Restoran Yat Yeh Hing at KL has to offer. I’m sure this is one of the dining place that is very popular for those staying around KL.  Sorry but I don’t have any detail on the location of the place. I only know that it’s near Kelana Jaya LRT Station.

The place is always packed. People come here for their chicken rice.

How to have chicken rice without the chili?

We were told that the soup is free flow.

It’s just beansprout, lots of them.

Roasted chicken. Steamed chicken was out of stock that time.

The rice.

Was also told that the buah kedondong (Great Hog Plum) juice is very popular here.

Chicken rice fan might want to give this place a try when you are in Petaling Jaya.

Be sure to exercise after indulging in so much food, you can consider treadmills for exercise.

Jul 28

I just realized I have a lot of food post from my KL trip last year that I haven’t share. All these while I thought I had already posted it. Therefore there will be several more posts of my food experiences in KL to share in near future.

I managed to stayed at Holiday Inn Glenmarie Kuala Lumpur for 3 days 2 nights(inclusive of breakfast) when I was in KL. In fact it’s located at Shah Alam. It was a complimentary stay by Holiday Inn.

We had our breakfast buffet at Kites Restaurant. Located at the lower ground floor of the hotel.

The restaurant overlooks a landscaped garden and swimming pool. It offers a wide variety of local and continental fare as well as a wide selections of snacks.

These are some of the food we had during our stay there:

Holiday Inn Glenmarie Kuala Lumpur

Hotel Front Desk: 6-03-78031000

Jul 22

Actually visited this place more than a year ago, photo was taken during that time. Just realized that there’s no post on this posted. Might have missed out that time.

This is Food Republic, the food court you can find in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. Not sure where the place has changed or not, anyone can share?

You can find many variety of food available there and each stall has different design. It’s self-service, order your food, pay at the counter and carry it to your table yourself.

These are some food that we ordered that time. Not much details in it though. Just to share the photos with you.

Sweet and sour fish rice.

Do not remember what this is called, it’s a type of Japanese noodle dish.

Yong Tau Fu.