Apr 09

Alex Eating House is located at Beach Road in Bugis.

They seem to be specialized in roast duck.

Decided to had our lunch here… When you’re there, definitely you’ll order the duck dish.

Roasted Duck and Char Siew Rice (SGD4).

Char Siew Wan Ton Noodle (SGD4).

Roasted Duck Noodle (SGD4).

I don’t guarantee that it’s nice. It’s up to individual taste but personally I think that there’s better ones out there. However, the pricing and portion wasn’t that bad.

Mar 13

Noni Chicken Rice, it’s the same row as 7 Eleven at Kota Samarahan, before Everrise. The road leading to old UNIMAS campus. They open 24 hours can you believe it?

Here are some food and beverages that Noni Chicken Rice offers:

Lime Juice and Longan with Milk.

Chicken Rice with Belacan (RM4.50)

Mee Jawa (RM4.50)

After eating all these, it’s time to invest in fitness equipment to keep yourself healthy!