Apr 28

I’m sure Hot Pot a Genting Highlands is no stranger to those that had been there.

The big pot with fire woods and fire is the signature of the place. With the cook weather in Genting Highlands, having steamboat would be nice.

While we were there, we saw that they were having steamboat promotion(RM19.90++/pax), all you can eat and free flow tea. Not sure whether there’s still such offer now. This happened way back in January.

The seafood section. The choice was quite limited and the hot item in this section was the prawns.

The vegetables section.

Various sauces/condiments for you to choose.


Apr 16

Going to share some eateries that I’ve been to during my KL and Genting trip few months back. Expect to see some eateries from out of Kuching.

Stayed at Theme Park Hotel, Genting Highlands and the room came with complimentary breakfast for 2. The breakfast was at Restoran Happy Valley Seafood. If I’m not mistaken, they are famous for their chili crab. Too bad we didn’t get the chance to dine there for dinner.

Just showing you some of the food available for the breakfast buffet.

There were quite a variety. If you prefer continental breakfast, you can get it here.

Even Chinese, Indian, and Malay style breakfast too.

Which one do you prefer?

The also have a variety of drinks for you to choose.

Jan 29

Hou Mei is near the entrance of Starworld Casiono at Genting Highlands.

Went to Hou Mei after seeing that they served such big portion of food. You can have the option of take away the food instead of dining there. Do you think you need diet pills after indulging in these big portion food?

They served western and eastern food.

The menu.

See the bowls, they are so BIG!

Curry Noodle(RM11.20++), it’s not spicy for those that like spicy food but you can’t tolerate spiciness then it’s not for you to order.

Assam Laksa(RM11.20++), a bit spicy but not as spicy as the curry noodle.

Jan 24

Restoran Ah Yat Abalone Forum, Genting Highlands
Restoran Ah Yat Abalone Forum.

Restoran Ah Yat Abalone Forum, Genting Highlands
The interior.

Restoran Ah Yat Abalone Forum, Genting Highlands
The photo of the chef meeting many famous people.

Restoran Ah Yat Abalone Forum, Genting Highlands
They specialised in Abalone. So if you would like to have an abalone feast, you can come here.

Restoran Ah Yat Abalone Forum, Genting Highlands
Steamed pork dumpling with crab roe(RM6.80)

Restoran Ah Yat Abalone Forum, Genting Highlands
Steamed BBQ pork bun(RM5.50)

The peanuts and the cold towel on the table and the hot towel when you got after you finish your meal are automatically included in your bill, RM3.

You are expected to give them tips here. Oh… Don’t attempt to buy diet pills online after you eat so much of yummy food there.

Contact details:
Address: Lot F/L 2A23, level T2A First World Hotel, Genting Highlands Resort 69000, Genting Highglands, Pahang.
Phone no.: 03-64362288
Fax no.: 03-64361288

*Commenting close due to overwhelming spams, sorry for any inconveniences caused. Please call the number above if you have any inquiries.*

Jan 18

Mmm Yum Yum Bak Kut Teh is one of the food establishment you can find in Genting Highlands that served various types of Chinese cuisines. It’s located inside First World Plaza.

You can get abalone bak kut teh also!

Ginseng bak kut teh too!

Order a set of claypot bak kut teh for 2, the total is RM34.80, add-on 2 more bowls of rice, it’s RM36.80.

Some views of the place. It seems like many people like to dine there. I guess it’s because they serve bak kut teh which and other warm dishes can keep you warm at night because it can be quite cold after the rain.

If you are hoping to catch some TV shows there, I’m sorry to tell you that there’s no tv stands with TVs available there 😛