Jan 15

Feel like dining in a cave? Somewhere out of the busy city life? Turn Red is the place for you. It is situated at Bau. They have a zoo there too. When you reach Bau’s traffic light, follow the direction to Wind Cave, then just drive straight all the way, don’t turn into the junction to Wind Cave. You will come to a road called Jalan Staas/Suba Buan/Serikin. Then, turn into that road. You will reach the eatery after passing a check point.

Here are some food and beverages that Turn Red offers:

The exterior.

The interior. Real rocks are being used for the eatery decor.

An aquarium inside the rock wall. You can see plants on the rock wall too.

Turn Red Specialty Taufu (RM10)

Hong Kong Style Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce(RM8)

Ginger Deer Meat(RM12)


Address: Lot 30, Jagoi District Land, Jalan Bau / Serikin.
Tel No: 082-612158

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