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PHO MINH, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Always heard of the famous noodle from Vietnam but never had the chance to try it out. I don’t think it’s available in Kuching. There’s not much Vietnamese cuisine available in Kuching I guess…  Aside from spring roll. Do share if you know any available in Kuching. Had the opportunity to try it out last


When you go to Adelaide, you must not forget to visit the Germany in South Australia. A small town with German touch. Dining there is a must too! We had our taste of Germany at The Hahndorf Inn. It was so packed that we had to go back the second time. The first time, there

DONUT KING, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Another food post from Adelaide. I know you all are waiting for food from Kuching. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, you’ll see food posts from Adelaide for awhile. Malaysia has Big Apple, in Australia they have Donut King. Been seeing it all over the places and finally had the opportunity to try the donut out. The


Had the opportunity to dine at an Indian restaurant in Adelaide almost 2 months ago! Wow! This is such an old post hahaha… Was told that it’s one of the best Indian restaurants in Adelaide. The interior. The menu. Let’s see what we haad ordered: Pappadams (AUD2.80) Garlic Naan (AUD3.40). Leavened bread topped with garlic

BILLY BAXTER’S @The Myer Centre, Adelaide

Billy Baxter’s is a chain of licensed coffee houses, cafés and restaurants with modern and distinctive décor based on a cartoon character. The walls abound with prints of Billy depicted in many situations. The place looked really fun and relaxing at the same time. The menu. Flat White(AUD3.40).  Hot Chocolate(AUD4.20), even the cup has story.