Jul 22

Always heard of the famous noodle from Vietnam but never had the chance to try it out. I don’t think it’s available in Kuching. There’s not much Vietnamese cuisine available in Kuching I guess…  Aside from spring roll. Do share if you know any available in Kuching.

Had the opportunity to try it out last week. The shop is called Pho Minh, located at Mansfield Park.

Ordered the noodle for sure! These are what you’ll be eating with the noodle, very generous portion! This is for 3 people.

Here’s the famous beef soup noodle from the Vietnamese community. Ordered Combination Beef (small-$10.00, medium-$11.00, large-$12.00). The one here is small but portion is big enough, can share with another person if you’re a small eater. The combination consists of Rare Beef, Rib, Tendon, Tripe, Beef Ball, and Intercostal meat.

It’s very different from our beef noodle in Kuching. This is on the sweeter side. Definitely very interesting to finally get to try something different.

Contact information:
Address: Shop 7/86 Wilson Street, MANSFIELD PARK, SA 5012.
Phone/Fax: 8244 6288

Jul 15

When you go to Adelaide, you must not forget to visit the Germany in South Australia. A small town with German touch. Dining there is a must too!

We had our taste of Germany at The Hahndorf Inn.

It was so packed that we had to go back the second time. The first time, there wasn’t any seat, we had to wait so we decided to  make the reservation and went back when it’s time.

Can see how popular the place is.

“The award winning restaurant at The Hahndorf Inn Hotel, is a dining experience not to be missed. Specialising in German food and steaks from the char grill, the size of some of our meals has to be seen to be believed!”

The platter is HUGE!

A Taste of Germany Platter (AUD59.90). Can feed at least 3-5 people.

The menu stated that it serves 2 but it’s really too much for 2. The food portion here is big so don’t try to order one each. Be sure to bring your own container as a stand-by in case you can’t finish the food.

There’s Bockwurst, Weisswirst, Cheese Kransky and Vienna sausages, smoked Pork Kassler Chop and Pork Knuckle. Served with Rhine potato, sauerkraut, 2 prestsels, and a selection of German mustards.

The aftermath, packed those sausages home.

For reservation or for more information, please contact Dee or Chevy on 83887063, or email them hahndorfinn@adam.com.au

Jul 08

Due to a lot of travelling lately, most food we’re sharing are from outside of Sarawak. That’s why you don’t get to see much about eateries in Kuching for the moment not until things are settled.

Had the opportunuty to go to Johor Bahru and took the chance to visit the largerst shopping mall in Johor, KSL City Mall.

Decided to dine at a restaurant called Old Inn Restaurant. They serve all types of cuisines.

The menu is very colourful and surely entice poeple to order the food. Let’s see what we had ordered:

Unagi Bibimpap – RM13.90

Tori Bibimpap – RM10.90

Tori Teriyaki Don – RM9.50

Old Inn Restaurant
Address: LG33, 33A, Lower Ground, KSL City Mall, Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor.
Phone: 016-7477533

Jul 02

Another food post from Adelaide. I know you all are waiting for food from Kuching. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, you’ll see food posts from Adelaide for awhile.

Malaysia has Big Apple, in Australia they have Donut King.

Been seeing it all over the places and finally had the opportunity to try the donut out.

The prices seem not so bad, just make sure you don’t convert to Ringgit hahaha…

Very colourful donuts.

Had the classic cinnamon donuts (AUD1.20 each), this is their signature product. It’s smaller in size compared to the other donuts. It was served piping hot so you will be assure that you are getting fresh donuts unlike those on display. Very soft and fluffy donut coated with cinnamon and sugar but too bad the size is small.

You can check out more from their official website (donutking.com.au)

Jun 26

Had the opportunity to dine at an Indian restaurant in Adelaide almost 2 months ago! Wow! This is such an old post hahaha…

Was told that it’s one of the best Indian restaurants in Adelaide.

The interior.

The menu. Let’s see what we haad ordered:

Pappadams (AUD2.80)

Garlic Naan (AUD3.40). Leavened bread topped with garlic cooked in the tandoor.

Tandoori Paneer Tikka (AUD10.50). Pieces of home made cottage cheese marinated in Indian spices, yoghurt and grilled in the tandoor. The green bowl of sauce in the middle of the plate is mint+yogurt dipping sauce.

Mixed Platter for 2(AUD6.90). 2 pieces of samosa, 2 pieces of sheek kebab & 2 pieces of chicken tikka. The sheek kebad is an acquired taste.

The main courses.
Starting from top left, I’m not so sure what’s that, could be Tandoori Roti (AUD2.80), wholemeal unleavened bread cooked in the tandoor; Mutton Curry (AUD16.50), a traditional goat curry on the bone with herbs, spices, green chillies & tomato in Kashmiri style; Basmati Steam Rice (AUD3.00).

Starting from the bottom left, Gosht Mumtaz (AUD17.50), pieces of boneless lamb cooked in a mild traditional cashew nut based curry; Dal Makhani / Dal Tadka (AUD11.90), lentils in a thick gravy flavoured with onion, ginger & garlic; Murg Makhani (AUD16.90), yoghurt & marinated chicken fillet cooked in a cream, tomato & butter sauce.

You can check out more details of this place here…

Contact information:
10 Market Street, Adelaide, South Australia. 5000
Phone number: (08) 8231 1177

Jun 13

Billy Baxter’s is a chain of licensed coffee houses, cafés and restaurants with modern and distinctive décor based on a cartoon character. The walls abound with prints of Billy depicted in many situations.

The place looked really fun and relaxing at the same time.

The menu.

Flat White(AUD3.40). 

Hot Chocolate(AUD4.20), even the cup has story.

Contact Information:
Phone: 08 8410 0200

Jun 06

Discovered Nanyang Cafe in Rundle Mall.

It’s located in Rundle Mall, accessible from the food court of David Jones.

They serve a variety of Malaysian cuisines. If you crave of Malaysian food in Adelaide, this is one of the Malaysian eatery that you can visit but do not expect Sarawak Laksa or Sarawak specialty here though.

Hainan chicken rice(AUD8)

Chicken Laksa(AUD8) with extra chili. If you can’t stand the spiciness, don’t ask for extra chili, it’s very spicy.

This place is always packed during lunch hour. So this means the food is good enough, you’ll never go wrong with the crowd.

By the way, it’s not halal, they do serve pork.

Contact details:
136 Rundle Mall
Unit 26, Renaissance Arcade
Adelaid 5000

Tel: 0432 120 800

May 14

Had the opportunity to go to Port Adelaide.

Before heading back to the city, we had lunch at KFC at Port Adelaide.

Ordered the Streetwise Double Crunch Burger meal (AUD5.95).

The burger here is far more bigger than what we get in Malaysia. Also, the taste of KFC is different too.

A box of chips/fries. Even the fries is different.

It also came with a can of Pepsi.

The lunch deal is available daily.

Apr 26

I guess those staying in Adelaide know Australia Pizza’s House well. Their pizzas are quite cheap compare to many other pizza places.

I’m currently based in Adelaide so do expect food from here. I know you are hoping to see more food from Kuching, Sarawak but I’m not able to share them with you however another owner of this blog is based in Kuching so there will be more Kuching food coming when things sorted out.

Let’s see what kind of pizza they offer…

Margherita (AUD5.40, large), not too thick, not too thin base, double cheese and herbs.

Australian (AUD5.90, large), not too thick, not too thin base, ham and cheese.

Bacon (AUD6.90, large), rindless bacon strips, ionion & egg on a tomato base.

Damper (AUD3.70), the traditional food of Australia. The filling is cheese and garlic.

Very affordable place to go to and you can find it easily in the city. You can check out their website for more information www.australiaspizzahouse.com

Apr 09

Alex Eating House is located at Beach Road in Bugis.

They seem to be specialized in roast duck.

Decided to had our lunch here… When you’re there, definitely you’ll order the duck dish.

Roasted Duck and Char Siew Rice (SGD4).

Char Siew Wan Ton Noodle (SGD4).

Roasted Duck Noodle (SGD4).

I don’t guarantee that it’s nice. It’s up to individual taste but personally I think that there’s better ones out there. However, the pricing and portion wasn’t that bad.