Kept thinking that I had shared this place with you before. Apparently, I did not. Now… Here you go.

Nothing new anymore, it’s been quite some time already. Even this photo was taken before CNY 2010.

The membership card. It costs only RM10. No renewal needed. You can collect point with it and exchange for some products. You will also get to sing for free daily at 6-8pm by paying only for a glass of drink for each person.

One of the rooms. Every room has different wallpaper.

As usual… Without these, there will be no karaoke.

3 microphones in each room. Usually you will only get 2 microphones but not here.

Took the package that cost RM159(recommended for 6 people) and you are allowed to sing from 8pm-2am. It came with three bowls of muruku but you only see two here because someone was eating the other bowl.

3 jugs of drinks(Revive, green tea, and peach tea), you can choose from the menu.

The hallway.

There are about 50 rooms if I’m not mistaken.

You can check out the details at Embassy K Box Karaoke.

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One Responses on “EMBASSY K BOX KARAOKE @ tHe Spring”

  1. Price depend on what time you prefer..as low as RM8/person until RM31 for 2.5hours..as for package as low as RM109-RM259 with soft drinks and tidbits..if with alchohol of cause will be higher from RM199 and above..sing from 8pm till closing..For package RM259 is the biggest room..can 20 person or more..

    For members,enjoy point and less discount..6pm-8pm at RM8..

  2. hello there. i wanna know if i take 3 hours in a small room,what price it will gonna be? i bring 4 people. can i celebrate party in the room? PLEASE DO REPLY ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

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