ABC SEAFOOD @ Top Spot, Permata Carpark

If you’re in Kuching and looking forward to try out the seafood here, Top Spot at Permata Carpark is one place that is easier to locate and located at the city centre compare to other seafood places. It’s located just opposite Wisma Ting Pek Khiing.

We had the opportunity to tried out the food at one of the stalls there called ABC Seafood. It’s easy to locate. You will not miss it once you reach the place.

Here’s the food we had, no price available though. When you order, you either order in kilogram or number of people eating.

Bamboo clam cooked with curry. You can only get this clam during its season, you can’t get it all year round.

Mixed vegetable with cashew nuts and prawns.

Buttered prawn.

Sea cucumber soup.

O Jien aka oyster omelette.

Lemon fried chicken.

Midin cooked with belacan.

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