Nov 14

K11 Box Karaoke is one of the latest karaokes in town. Managed to try it out quite sometimes ago. It’s just opposite Hong Leong Bank at Pending. It’s quite easy to spot. You can see it from the main raod. It’s at the row of shops before you reach Crown Square.

The rooms are quite big comparing to some others that I’ve been to before. Usually people numbered their rooms but K11 named their rooms with various city names in the world.

Some rooms are using LCD and some using projector. I heard there’s a room that has its own toilet.

The system is different from other karaokes that I’ve been to. It’s a bit complicated to use. Really need to get used to it.

Here’s the rate that I know:-

Weekends/Public holidays: RM20 with two glasses of drinks from 12pm-8pm

The rate might change without prior notice. It’s best to check with them first. If you want to get more details or make reservation, please call 082-332211

2 Responses to “K11 BOX KARAOKE”

  1. Pusak Saiko Says:

    System looks like one of those menyakitkan hati kbox in KL..
    Serve food?

  2. Warga Kuching tegar Says:

    Pusak Saiko…. have you try sing here??? the best sound system i’ve ever experienced compared to other k-box… that includes k-box jamban like sing song k-box…

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