I’m sure Song Kheng Hai is not a stranger to anyone local. This is the place where many locals like to have their old time favourite food.

Last time, they did open at night but nowadays they only open for lunch and tea break. If not mistaken, most stalls are not open on Monday.

It’s always pack with people.

Many stalls selling the same food but everyone has their own preferences as we grew up eating them and most will visit their familiar stalls. These stalls have been doing business for more than 20 years or even 30 years or so.

Some of the food available there:

Belacan beehon.

Cha kueh.

Taugeh mee.

Meatball soup noodle. Don’t remember how the locals called it, opppss…

Sugarcane juice with lime/lemon. There’s also sugarcane juice with coconut. You can also opt for pure sugarcane juice.

Kongpia with meat filling.

Another variation of kongpia, this is with cheese.

Many ice dessert stalls available and they all have metahon. The onlydifference is the taste. Each stall has their own unique way of preparing Metahon. Usually ice dessert is sweet but Metahon is the sour version of ice dessert.

Basically Song Kheng Hai is a place where you can have all the local favourites under one roof.

The location is not hard to find. It’s located at Song Kheng Hai area, the locals usually refer it as Song Kheng Hai. Just ask any local in Padungan area they will tell you the place. If you manage to locate Everrise or bing! at Padungan, then it’s jut behind them. You won’t miss the big building with a huge field next to it.

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  1. phyllis phang, yes… you can still reach by walking 😉 Maybe 15 minutes or less without stopping. You can ask the people at Hilton to give you the shortcuts to walk there or ask people along the way.

    The direction is roughly…
    Walk towards McD direction, then Tun Jugah, then Crossway bookstore, then you can see Everrise.

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