Pizza Hut Online Ordering

I’m sure many of you know that Pizza Hut has a website but not many know that they can actually order their pizza online. I know a lot of people around me know about it but I’m sure there are still many that didn’t know about it.

What I want to share with you now is that, not only you can order your pizza delivery online instead of calling the delivery number, you can now also order your pizza online and then pick up when it’s done. I know many of us hate to wait for takeaway.

You don’t have to worry now! Just go online and make your order. Let me share my experience with you (the whole process took about 15 mintues):

1. Go to

2. Register an account.

3. When log in, choose “Pickup” if you want to pick up the pizza later.

4. Make your order and follow the instructions. You can opt to pay with Maybank2u or credit card. There’s also cash. How to use cash? I actually use this way. I chosed cash as payment method.

5. Wait for confirmation e-mail in your mail box.

6. For my case, not long after I got my confirmation e-mail, I got the phone call from the Pizza Hut outlet that I had chosen to reconfirm my order. I asked them when can I collect, they told me I can collect “NOW”. That’s fast, save a lot of time!

7. Went straight to the outlet and tell them you are going to pick up your pizza. They will show you the receipt, you pay and you got your pizza!

Very convenient! I really love this service they provide. Next time, I don’t have to wait anymore, order at the comfort of my home and pick it up when they’re done.

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One Responses on “Pizza Hut Online Ordering”

  1. I tried to order your pizza via online order. Log in and selected the pizza required, chose 1 unit, then view order but my order didn’t appear ! Please help ! TQ

  2. Mrs. Loo, sorry, it’s not our pizza, this site does not belong to Pizza Hut or related to it.

    The problem you encounter might be server problem that time. Try again next time or if you encounter problem again, just call the number in Pizza Hut website and they will assist you.

  3. cristy lee, just follow the site instructions. Not sure how to help you, maybe that time the system was down that’s why you can’t register.

  4. hello,i wanna ask why cant i write the home address?the “search” box dun have my home address~~??

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