Dec 30

The Tarot Cafe is located at the ex-Two Bananas.

The cafe started its operation on 24th December. It’s just after Shell at Jalan Keretapi which you will not miss as you can see it from the main road. We went there on the 1st day of opening and business was really good.

If you like Bestberry, you will like this also because the concept is the brainchild of the ex-boss of Bestberry. FYI, Bestberry now is under new management.

The crews were busy preparing drinks.

The wall is decorated with framed tarot cards.

Here’s two drinks from The Tarot Drinks menu. Every card represents different things. The drinks are specially formulated by Chris based on the cards. The one you see here is The Fool(RM7.90) and Strenght(RM6.90).

The Fool’s main ingredient is coconut milk. Lots of longans and sago pearls in there. This is not for those who are concerned about their health.

Strength consists of soda, lemon and shreaded mint leaves.

Tarot Yam Fried Rice(RM4)

Tarot Nyonya Curry Chicken(RM5.50)

The special thing about this place is that you can get Tarot card reading, it’s RM30/session. If you sign up as member, you get 10% discount each time you get your consultation.

Some decorations in the room.

Tarot card is something new in Kuching. However, this is not for the Christians or the Muslim to try. It’s sort of against the faith if I’m not mistaken. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Chris Tan is a certified Tarot card reader and she also provides Feng Shui consultation.

We were lucky to be given a demo.  The money on your palm will curve into a “U” if your money luck is good. However, right palm means money in, left palm means money out. If both sides make a big curve, then you will have problem collecting money, your money will come in as fast as it goes out.

Here’s the temporary member card. If you are interested please call Chris Tan at 016-8648435 or email her at tarot_chris[at]gmail[.]com. You must make an appointment for consultation.

The Tarot Cafe
Address: Ground Floor, SL 2763, Lot 1112-1113, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, 93150 Kuching.

13 Responses to “THE TAROT CAFE”

  1. Foo Says:

    The business was good after they changed their name from “Two Bananas” ~ with the new concept of course! This is the only place i can remember clearly when i opened its Toilet Door ~ you can immediately see the back “street” of the shop. The smell really put me off especially i went there on a rainy day when all the funny smells gathered and i quickly shut the door without proceeding to the toilet….. hee hee!! Luckily i didn’t “Pengsan”…


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  3. miyuki Says:

    i would like to complain about the menu nw…its like rojak…koyak here n there

  4. rei Says:

    i agree, they should renew the Menus, its crappy already.

  5. Alan Says:

    I heard that they have their new menu ready this August with new dishes. Their service is better now.

  6. Rei Says:

    Glad to hear it, i’ll looking forward of their new menus! ^^

  7. Heero Says:

    I wonder how come they dun have their own website to show more accurate informations?

  8. jimmychin Says:

    many cafes dun want to build website one…. maybe dun wan ppl copy their idea kua…

  9. fiona Says:

    Nice cafe actually.. Service ok..
    Menu is quite..tat 1 la but still fine for me..
    We r having on playing board game in the cafe, mb others can try..
    the drink all taste good no matter cold o hot drink..

  10. roy scorpio kch Says:

    cool place

  11. jaja Says:

    i wondering, does Tarot Cafe consider “HALAL”..i would like to try if it halal. n how about the price?

  12. Jon Says:

    Hi, Just would like to know if this restaurant is Halal or no?

  13. Jon Says:

    Hi, Just would like to know if this restaurant is Halal or no ?

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