Sharing Planet is a place where you can relax, chat with friends, while having snacks, supper or dinner with friends.

It’s located in Stapok. The cafe is not visible from the outside. All you see when you reach there is a lighted signboard and a signboard with opening hours. You have to walk to the right side of the huge detach house and use the plank bridge to go into the cafe. You will be greeted by lush green lanscape with lots of bonsais.

Beware of mosquitoes. I do not recommend those who attract mosquitoes to go there. However, when you are in the cafe, you won’t get mosquito bites as mosquito quails are place under each table. You can choose to sit facing the pond or facing the plants.

The place is quite dark at night but pretty romantic.

Right: Carrot Milk(RM4.80) and Mango Smoothies(RM7.80).

The sweetness is just right, no sugar added. They are made of 100% pure fruit juice, no water added.

Hot chocolate(RM4.80).

Iced Blended Vanilla Chocolate (RM7.80), Iced Blended Vanilla (RM7.80)

Let’s Go Ice Cream (RM3.80)

Fried Calamari(RM6.80).

Left: Creamy Wild Mushroom Shitake (RM3.80). If you order a main course, then you can get this at RM1 off. This is recommended. They claim that it’s traditional fresh puree of mixed mushroom soup.

Tuna Caesar Salad (RM7.80) serves with mayonnaise dressing. It has Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, celery, tuna, turkey ham, and parmesan cheese. I don’t really like salad served with mayonnaise. If you like mayonnaise, then it’s really recommended. The portion is huge.

Seafood Arabiatta (RM11.80), tomato gravy with mussel, calamari, shrimp and dory fish fried with olive oil.

Mixed Grill (RM23.80) is a combination of chicken, lamb shoulder, dory fish and sausages, served with daily vegetables and mashed potatoes or potato wedges with black pepper sauce. The portion is huge.

Charbroiled Sirloin Steak (RM17.80), selected part from the loin section grilled to your liking, served with mashed potatoes and daily vegetables with black pepper sauce.

Garden Fresh Salad (RM6.80)


Seafood Arab White Spaghetti (RM11.80)

Charbroiled Rib Eye Steak (RM23.80)

Irish Lamb Stew (RM19.80)

Lodge Potato Salad (RM4.80)

Wedges (RM4.80)

Double Cheezyland (RM12.80)

Sharing Combo (RM19.80), the portion is big, you might need to consider weight loss program after eating all these!

Here’s the map to Sharing Planet, it’s at Stapok. There are only 2 ways to get there, either by your own transport or taxi.

Operating Hours:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (6pm-11pm)
Friday-Saturday, public holiday (6pm-11.30pm)
Wednesday off

Tel No: 082-242428


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One Responses on “SHARING PLANET(分享)”

  1. how about a food there?is it all HALAL?
    got karaoke?please reply ASAP coz i can’t wait to try it all..

  2. The chef there is a muslim.. and the chicken are sembilih’ed from CCK, the beef and lamb are from local supermarket…

  3. I went to the area few time curious to know how is d’ restaurant luk like,.. but till 2day i havent found this place…i hope will find this place again 2night..

  4. finally i found it….d place is nice but need more improvement in terms of 1). Deco 2). tables and chair/especially chair changes it 2 more confortable type 3). Need blind 2 put @ d side of dining area 2 prevent d’ rain 4). Nice place should come wit clean n proper toilet 5). Roof along puffway 6). proper parking space…7). should revise back coz nice place should put more art since d’ chef r ex-culinary student.
    ++hup u guys dont mind..i comment 2 build not 2 condem.
    ++very nice mushrum soup
    ++nice rib eye steak
    =i like..
    p/s keep up d gud work…go…go…guys
    make kuching a better place 2 dine..

  5. Went there last night.
    The atmosphere was alright.
    Need improvement in providing proper parking spaces.
    Ordered spaggetti carbornara and mocha latte. The former was not authentic at all, it does not taste good, not even close to average. Too much cheese powder, bacon should be used and not big pieces of ham, Bacon should be sauteed so that the aroma of the bacon seeps into the sauce. For carbornara, the onion should not be big chunks as well, it should be chopped finely and incorporated into the sauce itself. the sauce does not taste creamy and it overflowed.
    Mocha latte was not hot, it was warm to cold and overly sweet.
    Overall, a lot of improvement need to be made.

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